White glove delivery and packing services are one of our value added services as it makes transporting your shipment 100% headache free. This freight forwarding service handles all aspects of shipping for you. From packing the item at the departure site to unpacking and setting up the item at the destination site. This service is incredibly useful if you are shipping fragile, high-value, want to outsource this phase of the shipment and/or you want to provide your client with an outstanding experience.


What are white glove delivery services?

Beyond transporting the cargo, this service addresses the work that needs to be done to crate and package the material being transported. This also includes the work that is done once the cargo arrives at its destination. Packing items may include crating or boxing the cargo and loading them onto the shipping truck. Unpacking items refers to unboxing the cargo, placing the items in their intended location and then removing the packaging debris. 


White glove packing services are ideal for cargo that is fragile, an odd shape or of high value. Packing services will box, pad and/or crate the item needing to be shipped. This insures that it is done appropriately and by experts to make sure it does not break or get damaged in the shipping process. 


White glove delivery services include unpacking your items, setting up the items in the location you specify and hauling away all of the packing material. This not only saves you time and the hassle of unpacking your items and disposing of the packing material, but it also provides a huge value if you are shipping to clients. This service will leave a lasting positive impression creating brand loyalty and separate you from your competitors.


How much does white glove delivery cost?

That is a hard questions to answer as every shipment is different. There are a number of factors that impact the white glove delivery service fee. These include:


  • Location: is the cargo being delivered to a home or business location? Are there multiple flights of stairs? Is there a service elevator?
  • Product specifications: Is the product heavy, large or oddly shaped? How many products need to be unpacked and set up in their final location? Does the shipment require more labor or extra time?

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