In the 21st century, where business is done at the speed of light, Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping is there as an effective means of transporting products across time zones fast. Although such services are often pricey, the benefits always outweigh the costs incurred.


What is Next Flight Out (NFO) Shipping?

As the name implies, Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping is the speediest form of shipping obtainable today. This form of shipping is often called same day air courier or same day shipping and its use dates back to the 1970’s.

At the moment, it has become a common shipping method within industrial circles and fashion scenes, because of its ability to put one item on two continents within hours. It has also become a specialty for the transportation of medical parts such as organs, implants and clinical trials.

However, in order to utilize these services whenever the need arises, it is important for businesses to proactively partner with a logistics firm. The events of 9/11 require all shippers to be cleared by the TSA. This is a lengthy process and should be considered if you plan to use this type of service in an emergency.


When Shipping Time is Critical

In business, Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping is exemplified when shipping time becomes important. Examples of such situations are:

  1. Medical conditions: In a bid to remain alive and healthy, a minute delay can be too late for a sick individual. Such a patient might require a rare blood donation, an organ transplant or even a medical device. Opting for anything less than an express delivery via NFO is a death sentence. Therefore, it makes sense to ship such items as fast as possible.
  2. Competitive markets: Businesses today are faced with such steep competition that in order to survive they must be speedily proactive and reactive. So whenever a company is about closing a deal or certifying a product that is poised to be the First-To-Market, it only makes sense to avoid all logistic delays. This can be achieved when shipping samples or documents via Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping.
  3. Equipment Turn Around: Downtime can be very expensive for certain machinery. Therefore, it is important to minimize all logistics issues such as traffic jams that might potentially affect their speedy turn-around. For example, an aircraft might be grounded by a component as small as a backpack. The hourly cost for an average commercial aircraft’s downtime is over $100,000. Thus validating the need for Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping for the package’s delivery.
  4. Critical deadlines: In our daily lives, there are instances where we wished to receive a package yesterday (if possible). If the item in question is valuable enough (probably high worth antique or a will to an estate), then it makes perfect sense to have them couriered using the Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping.


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