It seems that everyone, lately, is focused on the myriad problems that are crashing into the logistics industry. While disruption is extensive and will likely last until late 2022, we at Mach 1 find that focusing on solutions and opportunities keeps us moving forward. One of the biggest opportunities we have right now is the capacity we have for westbound ground freight. Even though so much of the logistics news lately is focused on cargo headed east from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the capacity to send cargo back out west is a vital part of the equation.  

The best way to fight against disruption is to plan ahead,

well in advance of when the disruption starts and Mach 1 lives and breathes that philosophy. By setting up key service points and investing in our ground infrastructure, we can continue to move cargo back to the west coast with excellent rates and better-than-industry-average transit times. We avoid the delays that arise from congested cargo hubs, bloated rail yards, and capacity constraints that plague smaller networks. 

Our LTL network and ground freight offerings are perfectly suited for raw materials, auto parts, hi-tech, and medical equipment and supplies including PPE. Whether you need expedited, time-sensitive, or other ground transportation services, Mach 1 can custom tailor a solution to suit your freight. With a professional staff of industry experts working on your logistics plan, you can feel confident that each step will be managed with care. 

Despite the predictions for congestion throughout the next year,

Mach 1 wants to encourage our customers to reach out to us and discuss their logistics needs and plan for the changes and disruption that’s on the horizon. We are on hand to offer solutions and alternatives that can protect your business if a shipment goes awry. It is our goal to keep your cargo moving at Mach 1 and we’re ready to get it on the west coast!


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