The pharmaceutical industry has grown over the years, and this has made the case for the ever growing expediting shipping and logistics challenges. Finding the best logistics companies have been a major challenge in this industry. Although there are many types of industries that require logistics services, various issues contribute to this pitfall of the pharmaceutical industry. This article will be addressing the logistics problems in the pharmaceutical industry:


I. Lack of Coordination

This is perhaps, the number one challenge that most pharmaceutical industries face with logistics services. This is a global industry, and the importance of having a coordinated and flexible supply chain cannot be overemphasized. Of course, this is not an easy task and gives way for manufacturers of counterfeit drugs to take over. People are always in need of one form of medical drugs or another, and if the logistics companies are not up to par, they may resort to using cheaper or counterfeited alternatives. This, in turn, affects the costs of developing authentic drugs from favorite brands, and if any fake drug harms anyone, the brands will suffer for it. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals do a lot of harm, not only to users but established brands as well. This problem is mainly encountered in the developing world such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


ii. Temperature Control

Most pharmaceutical products need to be kept at a particular temperature throughout the transit period from manufacturer to the end user. This is to make sure that the drugs are useful for the patients. But transporting pharmaceuticals through the air, by sea, road or rail each has its distinct advantage as well as disadvantage. Utilizing the available technology is a great challenge. Some pharmaceuticals tend to degenerate if the temperature at which it is stored is exceeded, or vice versa.


iii. Supply Chain Visibility

This is also one of the greatest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry. The use of warehouse management systems and the integration of IT are not yet at an all-time high when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Even though there are many technologies out now that are being implemented by logistics companies, the pharmaceutical industry does not even rely on logistics companies to handle this aspect.


iv. Warehouse Management

As a result of the doubling of the global pharmaceutical market over the last ten years, which has led to an increase in sales volume as well as penetration into developing regions of the world, the need for warehousing cannot be overemphasized. This challenge has made the industry to rely heavily on logistics services because of the increasingly attractive markets as well as increased visibility in the chain of supply and reduction of costs. But unfortunately, most of these logistics companies don’t have enough warehousing structures that can meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. There is also no guarantee that these logistics companies will safeguard the secrecy of the exclusive knowledge as well as be able to ensure constant improvement and service reliability.

The solutions to most of these challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to logistics services are to begin working on how to create national and local warehousing structures with adequate tools and equipment in place to ensure that the quality of these drugs is preserved. Distribution structures of logistics companies need to be streamlined as much as possible and expedited shipping utilized when the need arises. To learn more about how we can help streamline your pharmaceutical company with our logistics services, please contact us here.


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