Third Party Logistics (3PL) Providers are firms that ensure customers of outsourcing by providing services along with their advanced knowledge in logistics and management. 3PL companies that deals with logistics and management make it easy for businesses to focus on their primary goals without having to worry about transportation of goods or end line of productivity as well as distribution. Large scale organizations save a lot of trouble and effort by outsourcing their supply chain management to a value added 3PL. Companies get to maximize their profit by utilizing a 3PL that provides strong logistics advantages and have a blend of knowledge and resources. Below, we explore the current technology that has be implemented that changed the 3PL game over the recent years. 


Fleet Management

Fleet Management refers to managing and taking care of eve driving force behind logistics and even more so after deregulation of the transportation industry as 3rd party logistics providers offered technology solutions to customers. The invention of the Internet, the computer, and other related technologies helps revolutionized the logistic industry. Today’s emerging technologies are more concerned with speed, accuracy, security and seamless delivery. Here is a brief discussion aspect of a logistics vehicle fleet. Typically, the tacit function of fleet management is specific vehicle tracking through which the instantaneous position of every car or truck in the fleet is known. Fleet management offers the significant services of a 3PL explicitly. It also provides access to a video within minutes after an accident has taken place.



With the help of Cloud computing, third party logistics now have access to real-time data and mobility. Connectivity is one of the biggest advantages, providing end-to-end visibility and an intelligent supply network where analytics and smart apps provide the information needed for quick decision-making.


Automated Transportation Management

This software helps provide proper management of scheduled deliveries and dock assignments at distributors, suppliers, warehouses and other sites vital to ensure goods and supplies reach their destinations in a timely and efficient manner. This functionality helps in areas such as determining the most cost effective mode to ship an order.



With the aid of technology for analytics, third party logistics now have access to respond more quickly to market trends that are redefining traditional supply chain networks. Surging data volumes are requiring companies to make investments in advanced analytics to sort through and make sense of it all. This data can generate powerful insights into the supply chain to improve operations.


Platform Approach

Platform-based technology can help third party logistics cope with the challenges of modern-day supply chain management. It gives them a high-level view over their supply chains and allows them to better function in a multi-channel world. It also helps them identify where to reduce stock without compromising customer service.

This is some of the available technologies that already help change the service offerings for the way 3rd party logistics providers do business. For additional questions or a closer look into the services we provide, check out what services we offer, or send us a message today!


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