While many of Mach 1’s US offices are located throughout the southwest and along the sun belt where the weather is quite tolerable in the winter, we do have some stations who around this time of year start to get a little squirrely and are itching for spring.

Even though it’s in our backyard and we can play baseball all year round, we get just as excited when the pro football season ends and the countdown begins until pitchers and catchers report.

Before those teams report, they move tens of thousands of pounds of gear from their home stadiums around the US and Canada to Arizona and Florida where spring training draws fans and locals alike, even through the pandemic.

Mach 1 recently had an opportunity to move equipment for one of those major league clubs to Arizona, and it got us thinking. 

Baseball is a lot like logistics. Hear us out why.

Baseball is a team sport; who’s on first?

It’s not just the players on the field – it’s the players on the bench, in the minor leagues, the front office scouting talent and watching the competition closely.

In logistics, our teams are involved in multiple modes of transport across countless domestic and international trade lanes that we have developed specialists in areas like expedited trucking and air charters the way baseball teams have their utility infielders and fireballing closers.

Our account managers and salespeople are certainly knowledgeable about the overall picture of what’s happening in the world, but we really rely on our internal subject matter experts who solve the problems and read the field to know where the opportunities exist and vulnerabilities need shoring up.


Baseball increasingly relies heavily on data for decision making.

As little as a decade ago, matchups, trades and free-agent signings were driven by the facts & figures on the back of your favorite baseball cards. Today, everything is tracked, analyzed, captured on video and quantified and plays just as large a role as the seasoned scout’s eyes and experiences.

In logistics, especially at Mach 1, we are doing the same. 

Whether tracking and geofencing trucks utilizing in-cab devices, crunching numbers on freight spend to optimize savings or maintaining crucial and confidential Customs information for air, sea and cross border imports and exports, Mach 1’s information technology team works in tandem with our experienced operations staff to ensure that the solutions we provide our customers are vetted to ensure the best possible outcome.


It’s not about having an All Star team, it’s about having a team of all stars.

Who doesn’t love that break in the middle of the season when the best of each league come together to square off in the midsummer classic and the home run derby? Sure, there’s a lot of flash and dash, and for a single game, one team with half the best players in the league will beat the other team with the other half of the best players in the league.

But over a 162 game season? All Stars or not, they won’t win 162 games.

Those one, two or handful of players who come from the team that eventually hoists the trophy at the end of the season will have people who contribute all year long, in big and small ways from the walk-off home run to win to the diving catch that preserves a lead and could prove to be the game that wins a division, a league or the whole championship.

At Mach 1, we look at our team in exactly the same way. We recently hosted our 2020 virtual awards ceremony, recognizing our team members and locations who achieved excellent results in 2020. Like player of the month awards, we highlight people with our Above & Beyond award. Those individuals are recognized by their peers for putting forth a winning effort that has earned them the respect of everyone at Mach 1.

As February turns to March and eventually April, we know that inexorably, the sound of hurled spheres hitting lumber and leather will reverberate throughout the country and the annual race to the championship will again be underway. For us, though, the game continues unimpeded, working together, analyzing everything, collaborating and excelling at our game, that will make it another successful year for our customers.


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