Manufacturers in China are back online and Chinese exports are ready to ship. Two months of an almost complete halt in Chinese manufacturing created shockwaves in the global supply chain. Now that the West is being hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, it is creating shortages in critical medical supplies and massive demand for everyday essentials like toilet paper, Clorox cleaning products and hand sanitizer. With China ramping up production, the new bottleneck is shipping these items from China to the United States. 


New Challenges When Shipping from China

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A massive buildup of boxes and containers at Chinese ports were caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

China’s top shipping ports experienced massive congestion as cities were placed on lockdown across the country. This caused a major labor shortage as container crane operators, truck drivers, customs officers, tugboat pilots and other key Chinese logistics officers were unable to report to work due to illness, quarantine or travel restrictions. The result was a buildup of boxes and containers at Chinese ports. This in turn created severe shortages of goods in the US throughout February 2020.


As processing rates begin to return to normal, goods are making their way onto container ships. Now, the issue is working through the backlog. Even with a critical need for medical equipment like N95 masks, ventilators and other medical personal protection equipment (PPE), these items have to wait in line to be loaded onto container ships or cargo planes. Michael Einhorn, President of New York-based Dealmed-Park Surgical, is waiting for critical medical supplies sitting in a Chinese warehouse. “We have to wait behind the yoga mat guy to get things shipped,” he told Bloomberg Businessweek


Making the issue even more complicated are major airliners grounding international flights. In addition to passengers, these flights also carried cargo. Nearly half of the air cargo carried worldwide is transported this way. Without these flights, exporting has become even more restricted, complicated and delayed. In order to export these critical supplies, businesses and governments are turning to chartered air freight.


Turning to Air Freight to Export Cargo from China

Companies are turning to chartered air freight to export their products from China.

In order to move his critical medical cargo out of China, Einhorn is turning to chartered air freight services like many other businesses. Companies that once relied on ocean freight and commercial air freight when shipping from China, now have to find new ways to secure transport of their goods. This is complicated in a logistics market that is currently strained with limited resources. 


Chartered air freight services can help move products quickly and help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on business operations. With the high volume of air charter requests being received, securing access to those chartered flights can be challenging. Using the experience and industry connections of a freight forwarder, like Mach 1 Global Services, can help businesses move their products out of China quickly. Relying on expert knowledge and an established logistics network, freight forwarding companies help insure the safe and efficient arrival of valuable cargo. With high demand for critical supplies and business supply chains at stake, Mach 1 Global Services can provide these shipping solutions during this global pandemic. 


Mach 1 Global Services Can help you ship from China amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

With over 30 years of experience, Mach 1 Global is a freight forwarder that has experience navigating global supply chain disruptions. With long established logistics networks, our chartered air freight services will help ship your cargo from China quickly to reduce the impact on your supply chain. To learn more about our air freight shipping services, visit our page on air freight transportation. To discuss how Mach 1 Global can assist you call (800) 553-7774 or get a quote by clicking HERE.


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