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Protect your shipments with cargo insurance through Mach 1 Cargo Protect. International and domestic shipping comes with the unpredictable risks of loss or damage to your truck, air or ocean freight. While carriers are required to offer some liability coverage, it is often a fraction of the value of your shipment. You can request cargo insurance through Mach 1 Cargo Protect to ensure that your goods are fully protected anywhere between origin and destination. 

With cargo insurance through Mach 1 Global Protect, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your shipment is fully protected. We make the process easy and hassle-free. No lengthy insurance applications are required, simply notify Mach 1 in writing that you would like cargo insurance on your shipment. Upon approval, we can initiate coverage the same day. We carry an A rating with A.M. Best and offer a variety of coverage policies to meet your needs. 

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Additional Coverage Available:

  • Unexplained Shortages
  • Replacement By Expedited Air
  • Reshipping cost for COVID-related government destructions
  • Additional Warehouse Coverage

Cargo Insurance — Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cargo insurance needed?

Carriers offer minimal protection if cargo is lost or damaged. That is why shippers choose to add cargo insurance to fully protect their goods while in transit. Without cargo insurance, your company is at risk for a substantial loss in goods if an incident should happen resulting in a major impact to your bottom line. Cargo insurance helps to mitigate these risks and provide peace of mind.

How does cargo insurance work?

Cargo insurance provides extensive coverage against all risks of loss or damage of goods during transit by air, truck, or ocean. Under the policy, your shipment is covered for damages due to events such as infestation, cargo abandonment, and customs rejection. If damage or loss occurs, Mach 1 Cargo Protect will compensate the cargo insurance policy holder for the value of their goods.

What does cargo insurance cover?

Cargo insurance provided by Mach 1 Cargo Protect is written for 110% of the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value of the goods. You can rest assured that your interests are fully protected under our extensive cargo insurance policy.

How do I get cargo insurance?

Mach 1 Cargo Protect makes insuring your cargo fast, easy, and hassle-free. Simply contact your Mach 1 representative and request cargo insurance in writing. We handle the rest!