Global Reach, Local Touch

Mach 1 Trade Services, LLC, provides solutions for importers and exporters to effectively manage all of your international transportation and U.S. Customs needs. Whether you are a small, first-time importer or a large multi-national shipper, we can provide the assistance, tools, and technologies you need to create a seamless supply chain.

Mach 1’s customs and regulatory expertise ensures safe delivery of your shipment and worry-free compliance worldwide. Through our knowledgeable staff and direct affiliates, we ensure accurate and timely releases to support your overall logistics and customs needs.

Our full range of services includes:

  • Customs Entries
  • In‐Bond Entry
  • Specialized Classification
  • ISF Filing & Documentation Assistance
  • Continuous and Single Entry Bonds
  • Submissions to all other Government Agencies
  • Duty and Tax Calculations