Unless you’re lucky enough to be born as a jolly old man who manages to deliver toys, clothes, collectibles, and candy to children around the world in a single night, you’re going to need a distribution plan for the rollout and launch of products which innately come with the nuance, pitfalls, and idiosyncrasies of the logistics market. Between preparation, timing, and confidentiality product launch distributions are a delicate dance that requires top-level organization and boots-on-the-ground precision. Mach 1 brings our operational intensity to work as your personal sleigh and tiny, adorably-named, reindeer. 

Christmas puns aside

Every year we hear about a hot toy or gaming console or cell phone launch that seizes the public and turns aficionados into fanatics. Whether the item needs to be under the tree by 12/24 or on shelves the day after the unveiling and launch announcement, by the time consumers are widely aware, logistics companies have been at work for weeks or months preparing for it. 

Often starting as early as the design process, logistics companies are responsible for moving new product rollouts, signage for a new marketing campaign, and new technology like Point of Sale terminals. These are all examples of rollouts ranging from 100 locations to 10,000 locations. At Mach 1 we stand beside manufacturers and shippers at every stage of production to help adjust the execution plan as details change in the process. Our expertise is your tool to plan for contingencies and ensure your supply chain adheres to the schedule you or your customer has defined. 

Flexibility is Key

Mach 1 has a flexible hybrid network of assets and agents to support any size distribution project from planning to execution. Reach out to your Mach 1 representative and learn more about our vast distribution network and how we are helping our customers meet the rollout deadlines and goals all year long! 


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