Flexibility defines the Mach 1 Global service model for our line haul and domestic expedited ground cargo. From the way we schedule our drivers to our efficient lane pairings, Mach 1 is the industry leader, moving cargo to locations other carriers can’t service. We’re dedicated to finding an option to suit the specific needs of every client; we haven’t found a problem we couldn’t solve.

Being flexible with our routings allows Mach 1 to adapt to the clients’ specific needs to move cargo that other carriers can’t or won’t service.  We pride ourselves on creative routing that enables our trucks to navigate the most efficient path and still be home for two days every week. Flexibility isn’t just about an expanded service network; our drivers have a host of options to carry loads on daily trips, weekly trips, or quick turn overnight moves so they can find the schedule that suits their family and life. That dynamic scheduling allows for expedited cargo to move on the most direct route. 

When moving cargo, it’s important to have options. Dedicated service with team drivers can be a costly investment that may not suit your budget; Mach 1 can take your shipment, load it, segregate it, and use the remainder of the trailer space for other shipments, giving you a way to share the costs with other shippers and reduce your overall cargo handling. By using carefully staged separating bars, platforms, and other organizational equipment, we can save trailer space and prevent cargo-on-cargo damage. 

Mach 1 leads with operational intensity. Our team is made up of industry experts who can see solutions for common timing, routing, and loading issues and they use that foresight to add value to your service. Dynamic service without black-out areas is the strength Mach 1 brings to your linehaul and domestic expedited ground cargo. As an asset-light-based carrier, we’re able to approach customer service with an open ability to re-write the rules to fit your needs. If you’re looking for a carrier who knows there is a better way (whether that be north, south, east, or west), contact your Mach 1 representative to see what service we can offer you!


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