Expertise in logistics is a journey and not a destination. The industry is an ever-growing and changing maze of regulations, requirements, and course corrections that require both a solid foundation and a robust continuing education. Between trade agreements, tariff negotiations, and updates to trucking requirements, the automotive sector operates in a state of near-constant evolution. To offer and maintain gold star service as an automotive shipper, Mach 1 depends on the leadership and experience of our Vice President of Automotive Solutions, Shaquetta Starks. 


“Solutions is the key in that title because we focus on more than just the shipments,” Shaquetta explains. “We have a full vision of the industry across regions and work to build solutions for the industry as a whole.” 


Auto Parts Shipping Services Tailored To Automotive Manufacturers

Because the automotive industry operates on a precision-driven, lean, just-in-time manufacturing schedule, the inventory concerns offer complex and unique opportunities to create a full suite of products directly tailored to the specific needs of automotive manufacturers. One could say the automotive vertical must operate like a Swiss watch if that watch had even more moving parts, more stringent quality controls, and the need to be coordinated entirely to avoid shutting down an assembly line. In short, Swiss watches should be compared to automotive logistics to highlight their precision. 


Automotive Logistics Services Only Mach 1 Can Provide

An Army Veteran specializing in supply chain inventory with experience with the critical auto manufactures including GM and Ford, time spent with Amazon and FedEx, Shaquetta’s vision is broad and innovative. Mach 1 stations across the company can handle any automotive product with gold star service, including OEM services, managed inventory and distribution of parts, cross border cargo, and charter services. From concept samples to final mile fulfillment, solutions can’t be one-sized. Hybrid options, customized to the exact requirements of each shipment, can enhance the necessary services while trimming back excess options to provide precision value: flexibility, 24/7 assistance, and transport-centered all-inclusive service set Mach 1 above and beyond. 


“As a Michigan native, the automotive industry means a lot to me. The industry is a bellwether of the health of entire communities, so taking care of this vertical is personal to me. By applying a single client focus to a full market vertical, we’re developing as we grow so we can support and strengthen the industry and grow alongside it.” Shaquetta delights in the complexity and enormity of the projects she’s planning. “Mach 1 is the only company that could successfully develop such a massively specialized service. The locations, the reach, the outstanding team, it takes a company-wide commitment to excellence to have this success.”


If you’re looking for an innovative and value-driven plan for your automotive shipments, Mach 1 is changing the game and has a solution for your situation.  To learn more about how Mach 1 can help you, call (800) 553-7774 or get a quote by clicking HERE.


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