“It’s all about sharing information,” says Janus Junker, Mach 1’s Director of Process Improvement.


Janus joined Mach 1 Global in 2019, bringing with him experience in IT and infrastructure from a European logistics company with a global footprint. The size and scope of their operations contributes to his ability to lead our logistics tracking technology teams across Mach 1’s offices in the United States, Mexico and India, delivering constant innovation for our clients while also protecting our systems in an era of increasing cyber-threats.


Logistics Technology Links The Supply Chain

Mach 1 utilizes WiseTech’s CargowiseOne Transportation Management System (TMS), one of the leading platforms that connect shippers, logistics companies and asset-owning vessel, air and truckers across the globe. The connectivity that CargoWise One offers Mach 1 is robust and multifaceted, meaning that Mach 1 can connect to shippers and business partners utilizing a variety of means.


“The list of how we receive and share information is quite extensive. EDI, API, XML, CSV, SFTP and 204’s, 214’s and 210’s are just some of the ways we exchange data and the message sets we utilize,” offers Junker.


Supporting Automation and A Remote Workforce

The events of 2020 worldwide, which have created a more distributed workforce, have both facilitated and accelerated Mach 1’s transition to a business plan that allows employees to work from anywhere and maintain access to the full suite of digital tools that are utilized internally to collaborate across locations.


With thousands of shipments generated daily by phone, email and electronically, technological solutions to automate and speed work flows were necessary because human capital wasn’t necessarily the best solution, especially if targeted automation eliminated the time and necessity of unnecessarily keying in data.


Automating repetitive tasks is to the benefit of both our employees and our customers, Junker explains. So is reporting.


“Depending upon the client’s needs or demands, we scale from basic daily reporting of shipment statuses all the way up to the integration of multiple data streams, KPI measurements and other business intelligence which we then deliver in a rich, visual format.”

Mach 1 Connect allows customers to view their shipments in .


Logistics Technology Clients Love

Mach 1 also offers multiple booking, tracking and tracing client solutions including:

  • Mach 1 Connect for online quoting, booking and tracing.
  • Mach 1 Global Webtracker and Mach 1 Fast Track, simple applications for quickly and efficiently tracking shipments to get status alerts. 

Clients love Mach 1’s Fast Track because it is easy to use and mobile-friendly, delivering the most key information that customers want about their shipments.

Mach 1 Fast Track allows customers to easily track their shipments from anywhere with their mobile (L) and desktop (R).


The Future of Mach 1’s Logistics Technology Offerings

As for what the future holds, Janus enthusiastically speaks to further integrations that eliminate process redundancy and ensure that information is shared equally throughout Mach 1’s systems.


“We are working to integrate our new CRM ensuring that all our sales representatives will be able to support new and existing business and no one person is the sole ‘knowledge-keeper’ for a client. As part of our shared commitment to the environment, we are also working towards an all-paperless office.”


Justin Panasewicz, Chief Commercial Officer, knows what the technology does for Mach 1’s employees and customers when it comes to automation, but also knows that for some things, there is no substitute for human contact, especially in high-touch sectors like our air charter business.


“We’ve grown accustomed to the pushing of information electronically, but because of the unique needs of charter customers, the fact that they’re invariably urgent, high-profile within an organization and monitored by multiple people connected to it, we continue to leverage the human-to-human connections of calling, texting, emailing and updating clients with increased frequency because we know what’s at stake if something deviates from a charter’s planned timeline.”


Mach 1’s technology, attention to detail and focus on service set us apart from our competition and contributes to our persistently high customer satisfaction survey numbers. To learn more about Mach 1, our suite of technology and the people who power and innovate it, call (800) 553-7774 or get a quote by clicking HERE.


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