Using time-sensitive expedited shipping for high-value shipment gives a level of guarantee and control against theft and damaged goods during transit. This service ensures the shipment is delivered safe and on time. Here are six important reasons to consider using time-sensitive expedited shipping.


Purchasing Additional Liability

There is first the need to disclose the value of a high-value shipment to the carrier or third-party logistics service (3PL). Though this is not information one may want to make public, it is necessary to know if it will be required to purchase additional liability to protect against stolen or damaged shipment.

Typically a 3PL will put the shipments through the required liability protection before pickup.

Quality Carriers

Choosing the right carrier is a process that involves doing enough research about them and not just the cost-effectiveness of their offer. A low-cost carrier may end up providing poor handling of high-value freight. A major tip is that a quality carrier ensures that performance reports will be made available when inquired. This requires due diligence into the different freight shipping methods offered for expedited deliveries.

Here are features to look out for in the evaluation:

    On-time pickups

    Shipment visibility/traceability percent

    Transit time

    Claims as a percent of freight costs

time-sensitive expedited shipping with quality carriers

Seeking quality carriers for time-sensitive expedited shipping is extremely crucial than finding the cheapest option.


3PL services will have needed specialists to evaluate and monitor a carrier on the shipper’s behalf. 3PL also have access to data on safety rating and other helpful parameters required to make the best decision for which carrier service to use.

Shorter Transit Times

Getting one’s freight to its required destination at the shortest possible time is important when moving a high-value shipment. The lesser the time, the better; using guaranteed or time-sensitive services can make transit time faster and keep shipment safe.

Faster transit time reduce the terminals where the shipment will pass through, thereby, reducing human contact to keep shipments safe. With technology advancing in many ways in today’s times, the ability to have autonomous delivery is here. This reduces even more of human contact. To read more, check out the “Expedited Shipping Trends Impacting Shippers in 2017”.

Scheduled Pickup and Delivery Times

Time-sensitive expedited shipping services allow the request of smaller pick and short delivery time frame. There is also access to Guaranteed LTL service which allows the choice between an AM or End of Day delivery. Time-sensitive services give shipments the necessary priority and attention as it will be handled as sensitive cargo. This allows for benefit of faster delivery and the peace of mind about the shipment’s security.

Schedule pickups using time-sensitive expedited shipping

Scheduled pickups will ensure that the cargo arrive at their destination on the right day at the right time.

Proactive Notifications

When a shipment is in transit, having periodic notification to track where the shipment is of huge benefit.Opting in for a service like this stating personal preference for how frequent one should be notified.

Dedicated Team

Engaging the service of a 3PL can make the process of moving a high-value shipment easier. A dedicated team will take the burden and risk off your shoulder.

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