Imagine the surprise from passenger airlines when they were saved in 2020 by converting their planes to carry airfreight instead of people. Cargo isn’t an afterthought for passenger airlines, but the belly space they offer is secondary to the people they serve. What the logistics industry would come to find out though is that air cargo also helped balance the disruption caused by the ocean carriers. 

Airfreight is becoming the great equalizer for shippers who are terrified of the delays coming from ocean shipments when retailers are desperate to get inventory on shelves. As we move closer to the holiday shopping season, the demands for shoppers to buy early are met with the caveat that even the earliest orders might have issues when crossing the Pacific Ocean this autumn. Not only is it becoming problematic to import ocean cargo, but in many cases, the carriers are refusing loaded exports in favor of sending back empty containers to Asia. 

The option to pivot to air freight for exports can be the bridge between stalemates in the ocean network. As more flights come online and passenger traffic picks up, more air capacity is available to deliver urgent cargo around the world. While many shippers think this is only reserved for small shipments, in reality, it’s often easier to move heavy and dense cargo by air. 


Mach 1 specializes in moving bulk/big/heavy cargo by airfreight

Normally, shippers don’t realize we can move big, heavy things by air and lose valuable time in the process. For example, we’ve saved automotive plants from significant delays by flying steel coils (eye to the sky)  waiting for ocean space. Mach 1 excels at those larger specialty projects where you need industry experts with decades of experience. Our clients don’t have to feel like they have no options but to maintain the status quo – Mach 1 can get you moving faster than you expected to avoid costly delays and factory issues. 

Having a logistics advocate like Mach 1 working on your behalf can enable you to find a myriad of options to move your cargo as airfreight. Our industry experts are working hard negotiating with airlines for spot rates and routings to ensure your shipments are on shelves in time and your assembly lines keep running smoothly. Ocean isn’t the ‘old reliable’ anymore when you have to have a confirmed delivery date. Air shipments give you the one commodity that’s most in short supply – time. 

Mach 1 can take the guesswork out of negotiating and planning your pivot to air cargo before the shipment becomes urgent. It’s time to plan ahead, create solid contingencies, and investigate how Mach 1 can save you time and money by planning for the holiday season with a logistics expert who understands the conditions of this current situation. We’re on hand today to discuss the way Mach 1 can help you blast ahead of the competition. 


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