There are four major types of freight transportation available for shippers to use in the world of freight shipping. The primary ones are by ground (road), rail, ocean, and air. Although these are the main categories of freight transportation, each method has their own processes that differ from one another. The video below will discuss the four main types of freight transportation, which includes a snapshot benefit of the service as well.


Services of the Types of Freight Transportation Processes

All major freight types can be split into their own associated service groups. Ground freight encompasses Less-Than-Truckload and Full-Truckload, where ocean and air freight are associated also by their respective processes.


Less-Than-Truckload vs Full-Truckload

When using ground freight shipping, the two major types are less-than-truckload and full-truckload. Less-than-truckload refers to goods and commodities that do not fill up the entire truck. This allows for other shippers to join together to save more money for smaller shipments. Full-truckload (FTL) is the opposite; an entire truck is dedicated to one shipper. FTL benefit shippers that need a dedicated space for high-value cargo and shorter transit time (LTL requires more time by transport from one truck to another).

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