Freight shipping services and transport can be defined as the process of moving commodities and merchandise goods and cargo. The term shipping originally referred to the carriage by sea but is extended in American English to refer to transport by land or air as well. Freight shipping services are essential to the proper functioning of any business – but more so to the smooth operation of smaller firms. When you are choosing what way is best to move your freight, there are some different transportation options to consider. This article takes a look at several of the most common types of freight transportation, and what the benefits of each type of service are.


The Types of Freight Shipping Services

Road (Ground)

The road is a standard transport method for small or medium-sized goods that are to be carried within one country. Freight is usually transported in large trucks, and they are driven by a professional driver to its location. It is a convenient and quick way to transport freight. Road transportation shipping is not suitable for bulk or odd-shaped sized goods, or for extremely long-distance transportation.


Rail is a convenient way to transport larger goods. Reputable rail freight companies will be able to arrange for goods to be transported by a combination of rail and road if required.

Ship (Ocean)

Sea freight transportation is an economical option for businesses that want to transport their goods overseas. Sea freight can accommodate all shapes, sizes, and weights of freight. The only downside is that this freight shipping service will take a longer period to transport.


If you need to transport your freight quickly, then the best way to transport it is by air. Special freight planes will be able to transport your freight to almost any large city in the world. For most cities there are daily cargo flights, so you can transport your goods immediately if it is urgent. As with rail freight, a good freight service company will be able to arrange additional delivery of your freight to and from the airport.

Check out our video with snapshot descriptions of these four freight shipping services.


The Technology

Over the years freight forwarding and shipping services have learned to adopt new technologies. Technology that has been specially made for the freight industry is becoming readily available. The implementation of this technology allows freight firms to meet the increasing demands, this not only improves services and reputation, but it also allows firms to stand out from competitors and achieve success. Below are some of the technologies uses by a freight company.

The Push of a Button

Many of the processes done in the freight industry can be improved with a push of a button. This technology allows firms to organize and plan shipments with ease, enabling them to control the movement of goods through clear up to date tracking. The client now has the option to learn of their shipments location, condition and expected delivery time.

Automatic Identification Technology

This improvement allowed operations to run much smoother when transporting goods from one location to another. The adoption of automatic technologies such as handheld scanners allows for efficient daily processes. With the implementation of electronic identification technology andonboardd computer systems when transporting goods, reports and logs can be easily printed off at the end of each day.

So, if your business is on the lookout for freight forwarding and shipping services or international freight providers, then doing your research, getting quotes and vetting all of the freight companies on your shortlist before making your final selection will be worth both your time and effort. 



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