What do you get when you combine Mach 1 facilities, trailers, handling, and our famed operational intensity? Mach 1’s Exclusive Linehaul Service. 

Mach 1’s linehaul service is the above-and-beyond domestic ground linehaul network offering controlled, low touch, low handling, white-glove, domestic distribution for shippers needing an elevated level of ground transportation service. 

Our bespoke, private-label LTL network offers the increased specialty care you need for cargo requiring low-touch and on-time performance. Specialty stowage, team drivers, weekend moves, and the flexibility to respond to customer needs faster and more accurately with Mach 1 will separate you from your competition and protect the integrity of your supply chain despite the logistical hiccups in today’s tumultuous market.

The headaches of empty shelves and soaring rates mean logistics takes its turn in the news cycle for all the wrong reasons.  A tsunami of record imports threatens to submerge the shores of the US and leave shippers begging for trucks, rail, and parcel capacity to move cargo inland for distribution. As a result, transit is under intense pressure, ground handlers are suffering, and Mach 1 is working hard for our clients to ensure our operations team advocates for our clients and their cargo.


Operational intensity drives Mach 1.

Our domestic linehaul team comprises industry experts capable of crafting expedited solutions for your high-tech, automotive, trade show, retail, and time-definite shipments. Mach 1, an asset-light carrier, knows there are better ways to treat your cargo by providing dynamic service without black-out areas. We complement traditional, solution-driven customer service with an expert’s ability to re-work those models to fit your specific needs. 

If you’re looking for a carrier driven to see you succeed, contact your Mach 1 representative to learn what services we can offer you today.


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