What is Air Freight?

Simply put, air freight is one of the best methods for efficient and time-sensitive modes of transport of cargo from one place to another. To break the definition down, air freight is the transportation of goods with the use of aircraft or any other means through the air. There are lots of companies that choose to opt for air freight services because they can provide the best means of getting a product from one place to another in the shortest amount of time. In order to transport goods overseas from one country to another, shippers will need to work with reputable and reliable air freight services to get their shipments to their destination.

Some companies opt for ship-based cargo, but air freight is just as efficient. The idea is for companies to identify how fast you need the items and how fast they can arrive. The air freight process is faster and more convenient, but it can be a bit more expensive. Most retail stores that offer products all over the world needs shipments to arrive at their destination at a moment’s notice, especially during seasonal changes. By using air freight services for their shipments, these companies are opting for the movement of their items by quicker means. Even if this costs a little bit extra, its worth it to keep items stocked and refreshed during the seasonal changes.

air freight definition

The definition of air freight is the transportation of goods by aircraft.

History of Air Freight Services

People have been using freight services for hundreds of years. At first, caravans were used in order to transport items from one place to another. With the introduction of aviation, these shippers were looking for practical uses for airplanes. One of the ideas was to introduce freight shipping to air carriers. The first demonstration of air freight was in November 1910 when a company in Dayton, Ohio wanted to ship a bolt of silk to Columbus, Ohio.

Over the years the volume of freight shipping drastically increased. In 1927 there were about 46,000 pounds of items shipped, but by 1927 (just two years later) the figure grew to 257,000 pounds. The introduction of air freight also allowed many businesses to keep less inventory on hand. This lets companies create and produce different types of products that they can sell to consumers with the extra storage space.


When to Use Air Freight?

Air freight should be used for freight shipping products that need to arrive at their location quickly by using expedited means. This is typically the most expensive choice for shipping, so understanding the proper times to use it will be essential in keeping your company well above the green with net revenue. If time sensitivity is an issue, it is best to use this service. It is entirely possible to receive needed parts for automotive repairs within 24 hours, but only if the process in between is managed properly. If the shipment needs to be moved by ground then it must be properly managed to ensure that by the time it gets to the air carrier there is still enough time to get to the intended destination on time.

Another factor to consider that would benefit with the use of air freight is the custom fees from sea freight. Although sea shipment is the most inexpensive method of freight services, custom and harbor fees can actually drive up the price. This would not be an issue for tens of thousands of goods, but for companies that are just shipping under this will find that the cost difference may end up being more with shipment by sea.

air freight for expedited shipping

When it comes to expedited shipping, there is no question that air freight is the best solution to get your goods in time.



At the end of the day, companies should use air freight services if they want smaller cargos to be delivered extremely fast. Crucial, time-sensitive stuff should be shipped this way and it can work very well in the end. Even if air freight can be a bit more expensive, the overall costs will be very well worth the investment, so shippers should be taking that into consideration for their process!

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