If you’re going to work for a company named Mach 1, moving fast is critically important, but in the weirdest, most disrupted logistics market most of us have ever seen, moving fast isn’t as easy as picking a cool name. Congestion delays are plaguing ports, rail, trucking and air shipments as delays pile up around the world and cargo sits stuck waiting for capacity to open up. Any number of logistics companies are watching this situation unfold and wondering what actually happens when ocean cargo goes wrong, but Mach 1 is still moving, expediting where necessary and flowing fast against the troubles. We don’t believe clients just have to accept delays and be stuck because we’re flexible and creative with domestic and international solutions that suit these precarious times. 


It’s important to remember that disruption doesn’t happen overnight. This situation has been growing for more than a year and won’t be solved overnight or by applying standard solutions. This will take time, strategy, careful planning and flexibility as professional industry experts dig deep into their bags of tricks to remake supply chains in a fast-evolving global market. Mach 1 has been preparing for this moment. By dedicating our team early on to training and providing service-driven solutions, we’re uniquely positioned to respond when delays happen. You are not stuck with bad service and excuses at Mach 1. 

Here’s the Secret:

Not all cargo has to move as originally planned. Your carrier might tell you it’s hopeless, the delays are too great, the congestion too thick and the space too tight for solutions. That’s not always the case. Mach 1, because we’re a light asset-based carrier with domestic distribution opportunities across the country and a worldwide network of strategic partnerships, isn’t deterred by these trying times. When other companies are pumping the brakes, Mach 1 is stomping on the accelerator for your cargo. 


If you have cargo stuck in a container that’s trapped on a ship, buried in a yard or waiting for rail or truck, it’s not the end of the work. Once it’s on land, Mach 1 can pull the container, transload, and accelerate the delivery.  We can split the shipment, expediting the cargo you need quickly and moving the remaining cargo ground the rest of the way. With a million-plus square feet of dock space and multiple transload points throughout the country, we can pivot and remain nimble, not allowing the delays to dictate the outcome. 


While many are responding with fear, the fear of situations getting worse by making changes in a fluctuating market, Mach 1 is attacking problems with surgical precision. How does this impact you? Easy. Like a doctor, tell us what hurts. Where are the pain points in your supply chain? Where are you hitting barriers? What do you need right now versus what do you want for the future? 

The Time to Act is Now.

Building solution-driven models, preparing for unexpected changes, and insulating your business from congestion delays and disruption by trusting long-time professionals who understand the flow of your cargo will consistently protect you now and in the future. While we all wish it was a single source issue we could bypass and wake up later with a fluid supply chain, the real world doesn’t work that way. Issues happen, ships get stuck, the weather gets problematic, and ports get overwhelmed, and just because it happened this year doesn’t mean that next year won’t be full of similar surprises. Preparing now gives Mach 1 the advantage later when modern problems require solutions built on the forward-thinking mentality that keeps us running at top speed. 


Our best advice to shippers at this moment is to ask questions of everyone. Ask Mach 1 what we can do for you. Let us be the experts and show you the myriad ways we have to mitigate the disruption on your behalf. Push us to find ways to satisfy your timetable and budget and join us as we redefine the service sector of the logistics industry. You don’t have to be a passive participant in the current situation and your logistics provider shouldn’t be either. Let’s get your cargo on board with Mach 1, still miles ahead of the competition. 


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