Most cities have a vibe and a beat that reverberates through the citizenry, but none are quite on the level of the spirit of Nashville. A booming metropolis where dreamers flock to find their voice and their swagger, music might be the first love but it’s far from the only passion in Nashville. Thanks to the central location, a plethora of rail and airports, and a booming population, Nashville is a key distribution market for the United States and a key hub for the Mach 1 linehaul network. 


Handling more than a million pieces per year via hundreds of thousands of shipments, Mach 1 Nashville is strategically located close to the airport for easy access to highways and exploding levels of air freight traffic that moves through Music City. Thanks to the outstanding leadership stewarding our Nashville branch, we’re staffed with industry experts possessing decades of experience working with high-tech, automotive, and other specialty cargo that transits the southeast. 


Less susceptible to traffic and congestion, our light asset-based cartage and delivery trucks are moving freight seven days a week, even as delays are swamping others. The rapid growth and expansion of both the city and our business in the area show no sign of slowing up. More cargo will continue to pass through this vital hub as supply chains move away from the congested areas of the midwest and south to invest in Nashville.


Such a boom gives Mach 1 the ability to tailor flexible solutions for our customers because we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to logistics has been broken by the current logistics market conditions. We offer a selective process, including an in-depth understanding of the verticals with which we work to ensure the services offered are precisely suited to the industry. This helps us supply desperately-needed capacity to our customers who are distributing goods from Nashville. 


Here at Mach 1 our internal term of endearment for our Nashville operation is “Smashville” after their record-breaking designation as our fastest growing terminal! Our “Central Division Champs” are the control tower for our southeastern hub and the direct feeder station for the northeastern United States. If you’re looking for a dynamic logistics partner growing in Nashville as rapidly as the city itself, contact Mach 1 today


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