The speed of communication is as important as the speed of transportation when choosing a logistics partner. With Mach 1, we understand that it’s our responsibility to deliver concise, accurate, immediate information to our clients as a service in addition to logistics. Now that the supply chain’s importance is on everyone’s mind, cargo security’s value reaches past just the door locks and cameras to include even the communications from carriers.


Custom-Built Communication Strategies

When you look at the mission of Mach 1, we don’t aim to be just a logistics company. We’re a communications company that does logistics. By offering a custom-built communication schedule, our inspired solutions can present precisely the level of observance you need for your cargo. The secret formula for Mach 1’s customer satisfaction is that keeping an eye on situations allows you to move faster. The more advance notice you have, the more savings you can offer when plans change. Human and computer work together to ensure our staff has a running picture of where your cargo is and when it should be where it is going. That way, we’re able to know almost instantly when an issue has arisen and take action before that issue becomes a problem.

In the case of high-value, charter, or project shipments, those small updates that seem insignificant are critical to ensure our clients have a high level of visibility at all times. We believe that we need to be the first to the podium to take charge and confirm all facets of the shipping process are working in time with each other.


We Are More Than Just A Logistics Partner

Our staff knows we are teammates with the clients they serve, as well as their fellow supersonic co-workers. Cargo has a life beyond the shipment and delivery. Items reach manufacturers and start a whole new life cycle, and we have to be aware of what the needs and requirements are in that cycle to support our clients appropriately. Mach 1 doesn’t just want to be a logistics partner; we want to be a trusted advisor. It’s truly a passion to be involved in every industry by logistics, and there’s more focus on our interconnectedness now.

It’s our dedication to the industry that reminds us you can’t manufacture compassion and care. We look at our clients as part of us, to support and assist. The definition of Mach 1 is the speed of sound, the sound of Mach 1 is letting you know we delivered your cargo safely.


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