Cargo shippers provide freight services for domestic and international shippers. There are many cargo-shipping companies that offer these services. Each has its own specialization and industry relationships. So which shipping company should you entrust with your valuable cargo?


The risk of making a mistake when choosing from the many cargo shippers available could impact your supply chain and cost you time, money and misplaced business relationships. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when looking for a cargo shipper.


Choosing the Wrong Cargo Shipping Method

Cargo shippers can move goods by airfreight, sea freight, rail freight or ground freight. Each transport method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the best shipping method is dependent on your needs. When selecting the right shipping method consider your cargo size, how quickly you need the cargo delivered, the destination and how valuable the cargo is.


Shipping MethodAdvantagesDisadvantages
Air Cargo• Fast delivery
• Safety
• Reliable
• Ideal for shipping high-value cargo
• High cost
• Size limitations
• May be delayed due to weather
Sea Cargo• Low cost
• Ideal for moving bulk commodities internationally
• Transportation time
• Risky
• Service area requires adequate infrastructure
Rail Cargo• Low cost
• Ideal for moving bulk commodities
• High speed over long distances
• Limited service area
• Domestic shipping only
Over the Road Cargo• Many options based on size of cargo and budget
• Can provide “door-to-door” service
• Ease of loading and unloading freight
• Domestic shipping only
• Long haul may be more expensive
• Subject to weather and road conditions


Valuing Price over Quality and Reliability

While price is a very important factor when choosing a cargo shipper, quality and reliability are just as important. If you choose the cheapest shipping option, they may mishandle your cargo, lack experience in transporting different types of goods, or take longer than promised to deliver due to inexperienced planning. Each of these scenarios could lead to costly interruptions in your supply chain. It is important to research potential cargo shippers to make sure they offer the services you need for a price that makes sense. They should also having a long-standing reputation for timely and reliable service.




Not using a freight forwarding company

Some businesses may think that by arranging their own cargo shipping they will reduce shipping costs. This can be a gross misconception, especially if the volume of goods does not warrant a direct agreement with the carriers.


Using a dedicated freight forwarder, like Mach 1 Global Services, can streamline the cargo shipping process. A freight forwarding company will identify the fastest route and most economical method of shipping for you, they offer a variety of logistics services to efficiently move your cargo to its final destination, and they commit large volumes with shipping lines making their rates very competitive. Additionally, they are knowledgeable in international trade regulations and they handle all of the documentation on your behalf, which simplifies the entire cargo shipping process. Using a freight forwarding company to ship your cargo is likely to be the most advantageous in terms of cost, time and peace of mind.



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