Mach 1 is made up of a diverse and inclusive workforce of experts and we’re always looking for new teammates to help us reach the next level in service and commitment to our clients. We work in a fast, dynamic, and ever-changing industry that offers a “work hard, play hard” atmosphere that is extremely rewarding. Mach 1 offers the security and opportunity of a large company with the individual empowerment and communication of a small family business.


What does it take to be on the Mach 1 team?



“We love to win! Delivering on our promise to our customers is what it’s all about. Our employees care and that translates to an amazing customer experience. If you’re someone that finds this business interesting and you’re driven for more, then this is the place for you.”

– Chief Commercial Officer, Jared Licata


Licata joined the organization in 2006 and over the course of his 15+ years, he has held various operations, sales, and leadership roles. “I saw an opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, so I went all in,” Licata added. 

We take logistics seriously and come to our clients with a unique perspective that combines the best of international shipping excellence with unparalleled vertical integration to customize the plan to fit exactly what our customers want. If you’re looking for an industry that permeates all other businesses, wraps the world in a single family of service and delivers results with solid feedback and consistent support, reach out to your Mach 1 representative to see how we can elevate your logistics and your career. 


Operational Intensity

“Operational intensity drives Mach 1 and our team is the fuel that keeps us moving.” 

-Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Fletcher


It’s the dedication and commitment of the staff that leads us to a continuous state of improving our processes for our customers. We listen to those working closest with customers to determine the best way to enhance our performance, so it lines up with the ever-evolving needs of the logistics industry. You truly become an advocate for both outside agencies and inside the administration and we’re proud of the responsiveness of our staff as they work to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. 

By empowering our team to find real-world solutions to cutting-edge issues that develop quickly in this market, Mach 1 can ensure that our way of doing business always coincides with our client’s needs. We listen first and we seek to understand the true problem and we work feverishly to deliver the result. 


Solutions Provider 

“Solutions is the key in [my] title because we focus on more than just the shipments,” Shaquetta explains. “We have a full vision of the industry across regions and work to build solutions for the industry as a whole.”

-Vice President of Automotive Solutions, Shaquetta Starks


Our business is focused on finding solutions to our customers’ problems. Our focus is on automotive, retail, hi-tech, aerospace, and the medical device industry to name a few. Being solution-driven, we take a macro view of where improvements are needed and then we apply change and solutions with a microfocus to deliver measurable results to our customers. 

Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran or maybe you’re just starting off and trying to find your way. If you’re someone that cares about the work they produce and wants to be part of a winning organization invest in yourself and reach out to Mach 1 today and let’s have a conversation about your potential future as part of our winning team! 

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